Blue Cheeked Rosella




The Pale-headed Rosella is a medium-sized, broad-tailed parrot, with a pale head and all white, or blue and white cheek patches. The underbelly is mainly blue, with red under the tail. The back is yellow with dark flecks. The female is similar, though slightly duller, with an off-white underwing stripe. There is marked geographical variation, with differences in the depth of colour and the facial patch. This is a noisy and conspicuous parrot, except when feeding.

The Pale-headed Rosella is also sometimes referred to as Mealy Rosella, Moreton Bay Rosella and Blue Rosella. The northern, nominate race is also known as Blue-cheeked Rosella, named for the blue feathers on its cheeks; however, it is not part of the Blue-cheeked Rosella group.

The name “White-cheeked Rosella” has been used for both the Pale-headed and Eastern Rosella species.

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P1120229Spied this lovely Pied Currawong in my mother’s Sydney garden. I love these large black birds with their majestic stance and piercing eye. This one is a good 50 cm and far from darting away when it spied me, it returned a steady gaze.

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