Magpies in my Garden


Consequences of cutting down trees


What happens when you cut down trees?

Sunrise...Travel Talk with Maggi


There were three blocks of land that were full of trees. There were White gums, River Gums, paper barks, Grevilleas, different smaller shrubs and undergrowth, grasses and flowering plants. Someone bought the block next to me, and when I came home one evening, the top part of the block was bare, only a few trees remained at the shoreline next to the mangroves, and all the flowering trees were gone. Next a three level house was erected.

That house was sold while it was being built, and the block next to it was also sold. The couple who bought that block came and mowed it, cut down the smaller trees and sat under the tall trees and enjoyed their block. Then they stopped coming.

The house next door was sold again, and this time the man came to see me about the water drainage issue, and I told him that…

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